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. >> i can't remember three as in a row and i think -- >> you know what? you're right, steve. >> i think that's bad for the economy and it raises a question out there, this split. stocks seem cool, sanguine, chip chilled with what's going on but mot the bond market. he's not going to be happy about the economy, kevin o'leary, until the ten year is at 3%. i don't like kevin, i think he's mean on television, but he's a smart guy. there's something to that. unless the bond market, i won't feel comfort with it. >> that echoes, the comments by jim cramer this morning saying i can't figure out the bond market and wasn't afraid to say that. basically saying the ten year should be at or below, just below the 3% level. it's telling us something that stocks are not, to steve's point. >> well, tell you what, i totally disagree with jim cramer on that one but i think a bigger notion now is, if the bond market were at 3%, i think would be because of strong data. i think we've gone through kind of the taper move in may, june and july. i think right now it really is nervousness about equities in genera
. >> three months in a row we will have lousy numbers and then get a pass. >> they will just find another way to dismiss it and say don't pay attention to it. >> yeah. yeah. the market almost wants to go up and wants every excuse why there might be -- it still doesn't have to sell off. the trend is definitely on the upside. >> look at this. even the macro data out of europe this morning was not stellar by any stretch. mario is worried about deflation over there. certainly not what you want to see happening, yet european markets were all up better than 2% again on that relief rally from yesterday when they knocked them down. >> yeah. we will see. we have a couple more days to go. we don't know what will happen in ukraine. we don't know what will happen with the data. thank you, gentlemen, very much. >>> to the nasdaq which is a big winner today, up more than 1.5%, hitting a 14 year high. sheila is back with us following the big movers there. hey, sheila. >> well, you guys were just talking about this 2% rally. you are seeing that loud and clear in the nasdaq as well. more than 25% of the nasda
for california. we just hope too much rain doesn't come too soon. stay tuned. back to you. >> tom, thank you very much. >>> check out nat gas. prices are falling again today. third session in a row, hitting two week lows. traders are cashing out of the march contract because it is expiring. they are looking ahead also to spring which we hope will bring milder weather. despite the big drop, nat gas prices are still up more than 15% year to date. >>> meantime, the rollback on sanctions providing a big boom for iran. reuters reporting that iran's oil exports jumped in february, the fourth straight month that the islamic republic has seen a rise in its exports. they are now at about 1.3 million barrels per day. indonesia, syria, south korea, india and china are some of iran's biggest oil customers. since the interim deal was announced, brent crude has been pretty much flat, up just a little better than .1% today. simon? >>> we have two big stories on the wealth beat coming up. robert "money bags" franks is back. >> first we will take you on a tour of the richest neighborhoods in america and none are
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4